And in the end…,

This is, I suppose, goodbye.

The end of the world is upon us at last.  How could I doubt it, when so many have assured me, and with the utmost conviction, that the time has finally come.  We stand at the brink of utter collapse, of our own eternal oblivion.  The United States teeters beneath our feet, its inevitable slide into chaos has begun.  And when that last bastion of the chosen has been rendered into dust, the whole of the world must surely follow.

They always told me that the end would come like a thief in the night, and they were right.

I’d expected us, perhaps, to vanish in the unspeakable flash of nuclear warfare.

Or an maybe we’d be snuffed out by an asteroid strike, or a super-volcano…,

And barring those more dramatic options, a slow decline at the hands of climate change, bickering to the last about our own role in the latest mass-extinction.

Surely I’d have never guessed that, in the end, we’d be done in by allowing one guy to marry another guy.  It’s the bleeding apocalypse in rainbow hues!


I’ve been reading this stuff all week, and it is amazing!

It goes like this…,

Now that same sex couples can get married throughout the United States, all the churches are going to close.  It happens because the government will try to force all the religions that don’t like homosexuality to marry ‘em anyway, and when they refuse, the Fed will take away their Tax-Exempt status, forcing them to close their doors.

Once the churches are closed there will be no support structure for Christians (already a small and persecuted minority) and the country, indeed the world will turn away from the teachings of God.  Marriage will vanish entirely, and the family unit will be replaced by a carnival of depravity, the likes of which would make even the ancient Romans blush.

With the collapse of heterosexuality, actual breeding will decline, populations will drop, and the races of the West will be overwhelmed by the savage hoards of Islam, who, for all their barbarity, at least have the good sense to steer clear of all that sissy stuff.

And that’s when things get really bad…,

and…, ummmm…,

Honestly, I’m still pretty vague about what happens next.  I think it starts to rain blood and some angels and horsemen come along.  Some seals get broken, and there’s a bit with a dragon and a foreign prostitute.

And I’m still not sure if that bit comes before or after the apes rise up and enslave humanity.

It’s all a bit of a mess.

A Day on the Beach

Two years ago this week, I asked the question: Can Christians live, as the rest of us do, in a world that is not shaped and molded to satisfy their personal wants and expectations?

The question still stands, but the early polling doesn’t look good.

Faced with the reality of marriage equality for same-sex couples, many of their more vocal representatives appear to have doubled-down on the expressions of victimhood and isolation.

I mean, yes, there’s a church on every corner, tens of thousands of Christian television channels, radio stations and websites, there is a Bible in every hotel room, and an uncountable number of Christian political action committees sifting untold millions of dollars into the hands of politicians who will be sworn into office with one hand resting on the cover of their holy book…,

But for all that, it’s still a lonely world for the faithful.

And yet there is hope.

There has been no rioting, no attacks or bombings, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision.  In fact, the most disruptive protests have come from a handful of county clerks who refuse to issue marriage licenses, along with an sudden uptick in whining from certain folks in my Facebook feed.

The majority of those who identify as Christian, seem to have taken in stride this dramatic change in the social fabric of our nation.  At least, for the moment, they have.

The real test will come when the more strident minority, driven to desperation by very real (but unfounded) feelings of persecution, lash out in some way against the culture which they believe has turned against them.

Will the silent majority be rallied by the impassioned voices of the culture-warriors?

Will they remain silent, waiting to see which way the wind will blow?

Or will they stand with those who want to live in a world where all beliefs are sacred and freedom is not restricted to those who think and act and love in a certain way?

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

It can be the beginning.

And in the end, the Love you take,

Is Equal to the Love, you make.

—The Gospel according to McCartney—


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3 responses to “And in the end…,

  1. I’m really thinking that you need to leave Texas…. 😀

  2. The thought of leaving here crossed my mind again when my friends and I were packing to leave after the Holistic Fair in the Stockyards. A long line of pickups were racing around with the Confederate Flag flying next to the American Flag. Sigh. As much as I’d like to run – truly there is no where to go that’s much better in all honesty. So I am blooming where I’m planted – I’m here for a reason if nothing else than to help usher in the end lol.

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