Salvation – with a shot of espresso.

My friends are all believers.

I see them daily, offering their praise, extolling the blessings and virtues of the one.

I walk past the holy place on my way to work, and I see them within, tithing their hard earned currency in the hope that they will find ease and comfort to take them through the day.

And what a comfort it must be, for the faithful, to see their brothers and sisters sharing in the holy communion throughout the day.  I find myself watching them with a certain envy.  They seem so very sure of a truth, which, while obvious to them, I am unable to share.

And it is not as if haven’t tried.

It’s not as if I don’t want to believe.

Oh, how I wish I could.

Because it would be so much easier, when I am in doubt, or depressed, or in those moments when exhaustion threatens to bring me down, if I could simply bow my head and drink in the warmth and peace that so many others enjoy.

I have tried, I really have, but conversion is simply not an option.

And though my friends and neighbors, with naught but goodwill in their hearts, continue to proclaim the good news, I must find my salvation elsewhere.  For the Dark Goddess which they worship, always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The Dark Goddess

This weeks blog post brought to you by my new neighbors, who kept me up all last night with their loud party music.  If ever I wished I could abide the taste of coffee, it is right now, as I sit here trying my best to focus on the empty page before me.


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4 responses to “Salvation – with a shot of espresso.

  1. chefette13

    I can’t tolerate coffee either not even the smell but I have found orange juice a good substitute for the rush that you need, the natural sugar in it helps a lot and it doesn’t make you crash as coffee or chocolate does. Apple juice works also but for me not as well as a big glass of the orange stuff. Instead of a cup of coffee, stop and buy yourself a quart of OJ!! it will probably not cost you any more than the cup of coffee would and better for you too in the long run. 😉 Just a suggestion.

    • Oh I do like the OJ, but can only tolerate it in small doses (very acidic). Also, it lacks the ‘communal’ aspect of the corner coffeehouse. Oddly, I love the smell of coffee – just hate the taste.

  2. locksley2010

    I love the smell and taste… just not the rush!

  3. Isabeau D'anjou 1981

    This post rings so true. I too have the envy of others and their certainty and knowing that everything will be as it will be according to the ‘Good Book’. But I cannot believe like they can. I am unable to know with complete unquestioning surety like they can – even though it would no doubt be such a comfort and relief to do so. I enjoyed this post. Thank you for writing it

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