Things Overdue

There are a couple things I’ve been needing to do for a while.

When I started writing again after the month-long hiatus in April of this year, I mentioned that I would be introducing the occasional “Skip-Week” into the regular blog schedule whenever my work/life/writing balance became too much to manage.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve hit that point a few times in the intervening months, but have yet to actually take a pass on my regular Monday post.


I really don’t know.

The writing I do here is important to me.  It feels like there is so much that needs saying and that even if the individual posts don’t seem to matter that much, the whole of them will form some kind of complete thought.

Also, there is that nagging feeling that skipping out on a post is somehow admitting defeat.  My work schedule is ridiculous, and those moments in which I am able to pursue my many other interests, along with the minutia of everyday life, are fleeting.

We shouldn’t have to pack the things that we live for around the edges of someone else’s schedule, and skipping that regular Monday post because I am beat down by an unforgiving work week feels like surrender.

Is that silly?  Almost certainly.  But there it is.

So, with that in mind, I’ve set aside the post I’d wanted to do this week (but was in no way prepared for) and will instead take this opportunity to accept an award.

I’ve been nominated for a handful of these over the last few years.  They seem to spread and multiply through the WordPress community only to vanish for a while before returning again unexpectedly.  And usually I put off replying for a week or two and then things get in the way and eventually I forget about them entirely.

So a couple weeks ago, I was nominated for the “The Witchy Blog Award” by Lunapo of Biblebelt Witch.  I thank her for including me in this and apologize for taking so long to reply.

Witchy Blog Award Logo

Now then, in following the rules, nominees must answer each of the following seven questions…,

1) How did you “discover” Wicca/witchcraft/Neo-Paganism?

I had known that the old pre-christian gods still existed since childhood but had no clue that anyone else still honored them, so I didn’t discover Neo-Paganism until I went to University (give me a break, this was pre-internet).  I learned about Wicca and eclectic-witchcraft from members of the campus Pagan Student Association, and although what they were doing didn’t exactly resonate with me, I was deeply grateful to learn that I was not alone in my beliefs.


2) Do you grow herbs?

I’m sure there’s something in my backyard that is either edible or medicinal, but not because of anything I did.  Tending a nice little herb garden is one more of those goals that will just have to wait until I have more time.


3) Are you “in the broom closet”?  If not, share your coming out experience.

Well I don’t walk around with a flashing neon sign (those things are heavy!) but no, I am entirely open with anyone who asks.  It’s not a secret with work, friends or family.

I don’t have a particular “coming out” experience.  It happened a little at a time over the span of a decade.  A few folks had to be told several times, and in increasingly overt ways, before it finally sunk in.  Several of those who know, still don’t exactly get it – which is one of the things my blog is actually intended to help with.


4) What tradition do you follow, if any?

I practice my own particular blend of Celtic Polytheism.


5) Do you consider yourself a witch, Wiccan or Pagan (or maybe something else?)

I have plenty of experience with the first – although I’ve never claimed that title.

Gave the second a brief try back in college – didn’t everyone?

The third is a pretty broad category (even by my definition) but will do in a pinch.


6) How much of witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life?

Allowing for the difference in terminology, I see no distinction between my religious practice and my everyday life.  Certainly there are moments when I feel more (or less) ‘in tune’ with the gods and spirits around us, but I see no evidence that our ancestors drew such a harsh line between the spiritual and the mundane.  The world around us is infused with magic – one need only know where and how to look.


7) Do you have a familiar?  If you do, tell us how you met him/her and how s/he takes part in your practice (if at all).

I had a feline pal who understood more english than some people I know who are, in theory, proficient speakers.  He would sit on my lap while I wrote, and then he’d get down and jump on the bed which sits behind me and snore gently and reassuringly as I fussed over my keyboard.  He was crap about knocking things over on my altar, and an absolute pest whenever I’d try to meditate.

A familiar?  No.  But an excellent friend.

— and sometimes, I still hear him jump up onto the bed while I’m writing.


After answering the questions, the nominee must pay it forward by choosing five other Pagan bloggers to nominate.

So I give you…,

Metal Gaia

Druid Life

Lady Imbrium’s Holocron

Under the Owl’s Wing

Oak and Cauldron

BART Station Bard

Each very different from the others and all deserving of a signal boost!

Thanks again and I’ll be back again next Monday.  🙂

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