Sorry this post is late, I was elsewhere.

Sometimes you just need to take a step away from the everyday.

The brain needs, if not a rest, then to find something unimportant to occupy it’s attentions.  The body, likewise, grows every bit as weary of our daily routine, as the grey matter that drives it.  The muscles yearn to bend some other way, the lungs are wanting for different airs.

And so we leave.

We pack up the car and we drive until we find something that will take our minds away from troubles, chores, duties and drudgery.  We travel until the air feels different and the substance of sight and sound bring with them a hint of the unfamiliar.

We go elsewhere.

Elsewhere can be found in any number of places, but this weekend we found it in the woods north of Houston, at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Wait, why do I always end up looking like a drunken idiot in these pictures. The Sangria/Margarita Swirls notwithstanding, this is why I never want to “smile for the camera.”

Think of it as a vacation within a vacation.  I’ve taken two weeks off to deal with everything from Samhain festivities to chores that have run behind to getting a new start on some old remodeling projects that have begin to go quite stagnate.

Work, work, and more work!

However nice it will feel to be finally caught up on a few projects, I could not deny a deep need for some genuine leisure time.  And so, a hastily planned trip down to Lake Conroe and a day spent wandering around the Faire: eating, drinking, shopping, watching shows, and otherwise doing as much nothing as humanly possible.

Good music, assorted crafts and the occasional creepy living statue — what more could you want?

I promise, the ‘Ded Bob Sho’ (left) is among the best and funniest at the Faire. Hrothgar, son of Healfdene, however, seems unamused.

It’s been several years since I’ve walked those grounds and a lot has changed in my absence.  For one thing the Faire is open much later into the evening now and is capped off with a nightly fireworks show more impressive then any I have seen in some years.

The slogan of the place (or is it a motto?) is “Lift up your cares”.

I’m not sure about “lifting them up” but walking around those grounds, it is certainly easier to set them aside for a little while.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stuff of the everyday.  One thing stacks up atop another until you can’t see your way out.

My advice.

Take some time…,


MAKE some time.  Push the stacks of “stuff” over, step over the resulting heap (eyes front, don’t look down), and get away for a day or two (or more, if you can manage).

Find your Elsewhere.


The Fireworks at TRF

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