Wild Things Revisited

Sometimes you just need to hit the pause button on the everyday and tune in something a little more soothing. This week I am taking a break from work, remodeling, blogging and many other projects that constantly cry out for my time and attention.

For the past several days I’ve been hiding out in a cabin near Mt. Rainer, in Washington State. I’ve been greeted in the mornings by wandering elk and have spent my days listening to the music of the wilderness while hiking through old-growth forest.

I’ve been searching for the Wild Things. They live inside us all but sometimes we need to be reminded. Sometimes we need to find a place outside ourselves to rediscover what is truly inside.

It is almost time to come home.

Not quite yet though.

This little place holder will have to do until next week. Then we’ll be back to business as usual. Except, hopefully, I’ll still have a little of that mountain air oxygenating my blood. Maybe I will not have to look so hard to find the Wild Things when I want them.


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