Benediction and Curse

Last week in this blog I wrote about the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth which forms the wheel upon which the universe turns.  The week before that, I touched briefly on the importance of storytelling in the evolution of our society and the role of movies in the modern storytelling experience.  This last Friday during the premier of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ those two topics came together in a gruesome act of violence of which I need not describe here.

Instead, I offer these words to the Gods; the Spirits of the land, sea and sky; and the honored Ancestors of both heart and bone…,


My prayer for the families of the departed in their grieving and for the health of those still fighting to recover from the violence done against them.  These are the true victims and I ask that you lend them your strength and courage in the days ahead though they may not ask for it themselves.   As their hurts are mended, let them grow stronger than they were before.   May they go forward from this day as strangers to misfortune, until they too, pass beyond the veil.

My prayer for the dead who have passed with honor into the realm beyond our reach or knowing.  Taken too soon from this life, may they rest easily now in the Otherworld where those who have gone before may guide them to peace and a forgetfulness of the concerns of the living world.  May a place be set for them at the table of the Gods where heroes dine.  When they are done with their rest we shall welcome their return to face new joys and challenges in the world of the living.


Of the one who committed this crime I will not speak his name.  I pray that no living man or woman will speak it from this day forward.  I ask not for his death but for his continued thankless life.  Let him live out the full span of his days in the knowledge that he is forgotten and cast aside as a coward and a murderer.    May he endure long in this world before he knows the release of death which he forced upon so many innocents.

When he does pass beyond the veil, may those who reside there turn away from him.  May the Gods shun him from their company.  May he wander that timeless place as a forsaken shadow, broken and nameless until the lives of all those he has harmed have passed away.  When his crimes have faded at last from the memory of his spirit, let him return then to a new life of humble service to the community of man.

The gods are not always able to answer our prayers.  We live in a society of wagging tongues and shortsighted vision where the name of a mass-murderer may easily attain a celebrity beyond that of his victims.  I ask you all to honor the dead and lend your support to those touched by this tragedy.  Ignore the killer.  Put him aside where he can harm no one else and then deny him the attention he so obviously craves.

My prayer to you all.


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